Year 2 and Year 3

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Enterprise Week 2020

We decided to make greetings cards because, at the moment, it can be difficult to see some of our friends and family so a good way of keeping in touch is with a card.

To decide which kinds of cards to make, we conducted some market research. We designed a questionnaire and emailed it to staff, asking for their thoughts, to help our business.

When we saw their replies, we decided that the most popular kinds of cards would be: birthday, Christmas, thank you, congratulations and ‘thinking of you’.

We worked hard designing our images, using a mix of hand drawn and digital images. We transformed our classroom into a card factory for the week!

We have decided to sell our packs of cards for £1.50, to raise money for CAFOD.

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Week beginning 28th September

This week, in Year 2/3 we’ve been reading and writing about “How Coyote Brought Fire to Earth”. We’ve been thinking particularly about making the description as interesting as possible by using expanded noun phrases and adverbs.

UDL Editions by CAST

In Science, we’ve been investigating rocks. We were trying to find out whether the rocks we were looking at were; sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic. We observed them carefully and noted how they looked and felt. We were able to sort the rocks into Limestone, Granite, Sandstone, Chalk, Marble and Slate. Next week we are going to be rock detectives and do some experiments with those rocks.

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One of our favourite things at the moment is our French lessons. We are doing so well, and can ask and answer questions about names, we can ask and answer ‘how are you?’, as well as counting to 12. We had a very exciting game of French Bingo yesterday!

New Bingo Blast Launched By Pragmatic Play - BingoDaily

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Week ending 13.03.20

This week Year 3/4 had great fun celebrating World Book Day!

We enjoyed taking part in the ‘West end Schools’ workshop. We listened to the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak and had fun bringing it to life through dance.

In Maths this week, we have been estimating where numbers would be placed on a number line up to 1000.

In English lessons, we have been writing in the role of Fern, the main character from our class novel Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. We have tried really hard to improve our writing. We have been applying some of the things we have been learning in SPaG lessons to our writing. Look at our wonderful writing!

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Whitehouse Farm Visit

Year3/4 had an excellent time visiting Whitehouse Farm. We had a lovely guide called Nancy, who showed us around the farm and told us how to stay safe. We visited the play park, bounced on the huge bouncy pillows and learnt lots of information about how to care and look after different animals. Some of us very brave and held creepy crawlers including a tarantula named Charlotte. What a terrifying creature she was!

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Week Beginning 3/02/20

In English this week we have been learning to write expanded noun phrases . We have looked closely at choosing the most suitable adjectives to describe a noun. Some of us began turning our noun phrases into complete sentences. We are beginning to use our class thesaurus’s to help improve our vocabulary.

In Maths this week we have been learning how to convert pounds and pence. We have been applying strategies such as grouping the pence coins together to make £1. This helps us to add large amounts quickly. We have also been brushing up on our mental maths skills. We have been working on finding a 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 of a number mentally.

In Topic work we have been learning about Earthquakes. We role played what it would be like if an earthquake happened here at St George’s. We hid under tables and the room was very dark. We also worked in groups to order the different stages of an Earthquake.

During our RE lessons we have enjoyed reflecting on our topic ‘Journeys’. We have written our own psalms. We also began to study another faith. ‘Islam’. We enjoyed learning about the inside of a mosque. One of our classmates kindly told us about what it is like inside a mosque. We also designed our own prayer mats.

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Week ending 10th January

In English this week we have been exploring dragon poetry. We have completed word hunts and magpied good vocabulary for our own writing. We have discovered words to describe the appearance, personality and the movement of dragons.

In Maths this week we have been looking at multiplication and how to work out multiplication word problems using a bar model. We also enjoyed completing an investigation involving halves and quarters during our Discovery Friday work.

In Topic work we have been learning about the world beneath our feet. We created play dough models and edible desserts replicating the layers of the Earth.

During our RE lessons we have enjoyed learning about the the Liturgical year and have started to design our own liturgical calendars.

Week Beginning the 18th November

This week in RE we finished our topic ‘Promises’. We reflected on the promises that are made during the Sacrament of Baptism. We enjoyed designing a Baptismal candle and sharing how we shine our light to follow if God’s footsteps.

In Maths this week we have been working hard using the bar model and the part part whole model. They helped us when adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers and a 1 digit number.

In Topic work this week we have been looking at what life would have been like in an Anglo Saxon village. We explored Anglo Saxon settlements and explored what natural resources and features would have been there.

In Science we reflected on the chocolate experiment we carried out last week. We discovered that chocolate has the ability to reverse back to a solid from a liquid. Although, it doesn’t look like it’s original form.

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Week beginning 11th November

Another very busy week in year 1 & 2!

Our favourite things this week have been;

Starting to investigate the materials that the 3 Little Pigs used to build their houses, we are thinking about whether they were suitable materials or not!

We had a fantastic time at Sacred Heart High school, with ‘Animal Encounters’- look at some of the animals we had a chance to see and handle!

We have had a fantastic day today, dressing in our PJs to raise money for Pudsey, and Children in Need!

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Week beginning 10th June

We started this week by thinking about the feast of Pentecost all together, as well as beginning to learn the value of Freedom.

We have been very busy this week making final preparations for our Ancient Egypt museum. We’re hoping that by Tuesday next week, we will be able to invite classes in to see what we have been up to- and have a go at our activities.

On Wednesday, we spent all day with Sarah, in the morning, we learned about navigation; about compass directions and reading maps. We learned about birds eye views, and how the stars used to be used for navigation.We drew maps of our bedrooms. In the afternoon, we learned how to perform CPR.

In maths, we’ve been converting pence to pounds and pence, and vice versa. Discovery Friday linked to our Skillsforce work, using compass directions to gather as many gems as we could, we then made it harder by limiting the number of moves we could make.

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Week beginning 6th May

In RE this week, we have continued thinking about Pentecost. We made pinwheels, containing words from Scripture, to do with the power of the Holy Spirit which filled the disciples.

In English, we have read Macbeth, by William Shakespeare. We’ve thought carefully about the events of the story, mapping them on a timeline, as well as thinking about the qualities of the characters. We think Lady Macbeth was ‘power hungry’ and Macbeth was a murderer and disloyal.

Multiplication has been the focus in maths this week, and everyone has now got the hang of the written method for solving the calculations 👍

We started our new topic of Ancient Egypt, by thinking about what we knew…thought we knew…and want to know.

In Skillsforce, we continued developing our first aid skills, with bandaging, bleeding and what to do if choking or having a heart attack.

Another super busy week in year 3/4!